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BSc & JD | Nonfiction blog | For my fictional works:

History doesn’t matter (for you)

Walking on the other side of the street.

Reality rarely draws straight lines, but your mind doesn’t know it (yet)

The hidden image of the Self archetype in Bentham and Foucault’s panopticon prison

A top-down illustration of the panopticon, by architect Willey Reveley (1791)

The Panopticon

Reflections on the exploratory, uncertain, adventurous life

I: The creed

II: The leap

Exploring the use of statistical evidence in law and other forms of truth-finding

Exploring the metaphysics of gender

The only serious philosophical problem, if there should be one: why aren’t we laughing at our philosophical problems?

Diogenes looks for an honest man: with a lamp in the daylight.

A short analysis of an action-based moral framework

An exploration of 2 levels of superrationality


Teng Rong

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